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The "Doctor" is in
15 April 2015

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Shining Thru
14 August 2014

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Art Cars of Laurence Gartel
22 February 2013

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9 December 2012

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Notre Dame Basilica
26 June 2011

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Perfect Form
10 May 2011

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Home on the Range
29 March 2010

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Party on the Beach
12 February 2010

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Lavender Haze
8 December 2009

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Art of a Rose
26 May 2009

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Twilight on the Ranch
19 March 2009

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Can you see four?
10 February 2009

Recent Comments

mauro brando on That Blazing Sun
Great shot !!! Beautiful sunset!!!

L'Angevine on That Blazing Sun

Tataze on That Blazing Sun
belle lumière

L'Angevine on Make a Wish

Michael Rawluk on Make a Wish
That is excellent.

Don - Slackwater on Make a Wish
An excellent ultra close up of this blossomed seed.

L'Angevine on The "Doctor" is in

Michael Rawluk on The "Doctor" is in
Happy in his work.

Steven on The "Doctor" is in
A great gregarious smile you've captured on his face!!

L'Angevine on Playing those keys, with Kofi Burbridge
superbe ce cadrage

Susan on Playing those keys, with Kofi Burbridge
Sure has Magda.....think I may be back out here a bit more often now......

Magda on Playing those keys, with Kofi Burbridge
It's been a while since your last post. I hope you will re-visit and re-post from time to time! :) I hope to do ...

Curly on Shining Thru
Crispy charming crepuscular, and nice to see a new picture from you also :-)

Sugata on Shining Thru
Gorgeous rays!

Susan on Shining Thru
Nice to hear from !!!! Now, I will watch out for cloud shadows also !!!!

Tony Duque on Shining Thru
Gorgeous shot, Susan... fun to see a new post from you! And such a perfect example of crepuscular rays you've ...

L'Angevine on Shining Thru

Balthazar on Balthazar the Clown
Great pics. Thank you. A lot of patience I'm sure.

Dimitrios on Psychedelic Drive
all the best Helys, take care, have a great year*

Curly on Psychedelic Drive
MAD! Great shot though, contrast levels look just about right.

Barbara on Psychedelic Drive
That is totally far out! Definitely gets attention.

john4jack on Psychedelic Drive
wow! that is some paint job. (i was born and raised in florida.)

Curly on Rock Roll & Blues
Nice work with the processing, masked portrait and background on differing layers, nice use of the radial blur filter. ...

Kpax on Rock Roll & Blues
Layla sounds¡¡¡¡ saludos

HARRY OCONNOR on Rock Roll & Blues
Excellent portrait.

Susan on Art Cars of Laurence Gartel
Was out in his new mercedes will be out tomorrow !!!

Curly on Art Cars of Laurence Gartel
Pretty crazy looking Chrysler! Good work with the processing Susan.

Paul on Art Cars of Laurence Gartel
Great capture

Naa-ila on Fog
nice shot

Susan on Fog
Been just fine... Been doing all my posting on Facebook, but should start here again!!!

Curly on Fog
Welcome back Susan, you have been sorely missed! What is the story on your long absence? I hope you have not been ...

Frédéric on Another View
Amazing ! Nice picture, very successful. It's a real pleasure to visit your gallery. You are welcome to my web ...

Naa-ila on Olde World Style
I love all the different colours.I think its beautiful

DIMITRIOS on Olde World Style

Sugata on Olde World Style
Very nice colours!

Curly on Olde World Style
A wonderful frame, yes it does feel very French.

RBL on Olde World Style
Lovely colors and this shot! Well done!

Judy aka L@dybug on Olde World Style
This is the first I've been able to get to Am3 ... don't know what the problem is. ;( I love your shot ... ...

LauraS on Olde World Style
I just love this shot. It's composition is incredible. The colors are great.

Eric Cousineau on Olde World Style
A beautifully composed shot Susan! Yes, Old Montreal is a wonderfully unique place, full of old world charm and class! ...

Eric Cousineau on Fun for Everyone
The look of pure joy on his face is wonderful Susan! Well seen and captured! ;-)

LauraS on Fun for Everyone
Sweet shot!

Tony Duque on Fun for Everyone
Authorized access to flowing water!!... always brings a satisfied smile to a child's face. Great eye, Susan, to ...

Curly on Fun for Everyone
An exceptional moment to capture, love the spontaneous feeling.

DIMITRIOS on Fun for Everyone
very FRESH***

Judy aka L@dybug on An old friend......
Wow ... just look at the 'wear 'n tear' ... on this good old friend ... a great shot.

dany on An old friend......
very nice angle and colors , very beautiful guitar !!!

Eric Cousineau on An old friend......
Like an old friend! Nicely captured Susan! ;-)

Curly on An old friend......
Shows all of the signs of a man with a heavy right hand , yes I bet it could tell a few tales. It is fascinating how ...

Judy aka L@dybug on The L Hotel
At first peek, I thought you were in Philly! Whodathunk? ;D

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